Last Day

So, for a little over a year now I’ve been at a job that hasn’t been my favorite. It is full time work, and benefits so I stuck it out until something better came along. Today is my last day. I’m ecstatic to be leaving, but will miss the friends I’ve made. I know from leaving jobs in the past that it’s tough to keep up some of the friendships. I also know from leaving jobs in the past that some people will be around forever.

Today I’m working on packing up my desk, deleting files off my computer, general things someone who is leaving takes care of. Tomorrow I leave on a road trip with some family to go see my cousin play baseball. When I get back it’ll be time to get ready for the new job.

Last time I did a big career change I happened to take a vacation right at the end as well. I think that might be the way I will do it from now on. Plan a vacation, have a new opportunity arise, quit the old job and take a vacation. It really helps in feeling like the next step is really new, while also giving time to get over the change from the old.

A friend at this job I am leaving gave me a card today. She didn’t like any of the “job change” cards so she got me one with a unicorn that is all in Spanish. It says across the top “Feliz Cumpleanos.” Too bad my birthday was months ago… and I’m thinking now it would have been more appropriate to get one that says something more along the lines of “Bon Voyage.” Sure, that’s not Spanish, but I am going on a journey…both to see my cousin play ball and at the new job.

Bon Voyage old job, and the people I’ve met here… I’m on the road again. I hope to see some of you again on the way.