The Humiliation Factor, the return of the Diet Bet and a Color Dash

Cakethrower and I almost always have some weird contest going to motivate us to work out/lose weight. Sometimes the winner will earn quarters so to play “the horsey game,” which is our favorite slot machine, other times the payout is more threatening. Usually this involves wearing some sort of humiliating outfit in a public setting.

In my not so extensive research on which is a better motivator, it turns out the humiliation stuff works better than the monetary gains. Case in point: while I managed to avoid having to wear Daisy Dukes and some sort of barely there top during a trip to Spring Training, I did not care about missing weekly goals that cost me $5-$10. It was easy for me to put my shoes on and go for a walk to avoid the discomfort of tiny shorts; just as it was easy for me to say “F it, I’ll pay the $5” in the absence of the humiliation factor.

We are still formulating our next challenge, as our last one was cash only and a complete bust. So far I think Cakethrower came up with a phenomenal humiliation, and to toot my own horn I came up with a good start to the money part. She really wants to go somewhere fun to celebrate the New Year, which sounds good to me. Cakethrower has a goal weight in mind, but another friend suggested using percentage lost instead, which I prefer because we do not weigh the same. I suggested that we do something that puts money aside each week so that at the end of the challenge we can each buy a new New Year’s Eve outfit, which would probably enhance the humiliation factor part. The brilliantly evil mind of Cakethrower came up with this: If the challenger does not meet the weight loss percentage goal, they will have a “wardrobe malfunction” that they must maintain for half an hour during the New Year outing. Further clarification would be that you would need to have your dress stuck into the back of your underwear, and would not be able to fix it even when people point it out during that half an hour. See? Evil. Now I’m thinking about an added bonus humiliation: the winner chooses the loser’s underwear. Will it be a thong? Spiderman underroos?? Granny panties??? I’ll have to discuss this further with Cakethrower.

Not all details have been hammered out, but the prospect of this got me thinking about what tools I have to get me to that weigh loss goal. I immediately thought of the Diet Bet Challenge because I have been successful with that in the past, and it is a great motivator to get back on track. Luckily, that site makes it extremely easy to create a Diet Bet, plus I am able to invite people that are not participating in the Humiliation Factor portion of the festivities. Who knows? Maybe they’ll want to, just to keep them motivated during all of those upcoming events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We don’t have to be going to the same party for the humiliation to occur; so long as there is photographic evidence that it happened. Then we can formulate an underwear committee. Who wouldn’t want to be on the underwear committee???

Whilst considering setting up the Diet Bet I was talking to….trying to come up with a nickname….uhhhh….jeez, when they aren’t obvious it is tough….I’m thinking MysteryWoman, because she is at almost every home Pacifics game, but her name remains a mystery to most in the park. She’s either _____’s wife or ______’s mom. Although I’ve known her name before I knew her husband or children, so to me they are MysteryWoman’s husband and/or kids, not the other way around.

Where was I? Right, I was at a baseball game, talking to MysteryWoman**, who made the percentage lost suggestion; when she mentioned that there is a Color Dash coming in October to our very own county. This is a 5k race where they throw various colors on you throughout the event. I have participated in one in the past, and it was a darned good time. Since that particular Pacific’s game was a blow out, I got on my text message machine and went to town. Hopefully my team will be mighty, and will grow swifter than my legs can carry me on race day.

New challenge with a humiliation factor, diet bet, and a 5k race for which to train. These should be all the tools I need to get back on track. If you want to join the Diet Bet or the Color Dash, just follow those links. If you want to join the Humiliation Factor, let me know…I’ll keep you posted on the details.

**I reserve the right to change this nickname if I come up with something better.


2 thoughts on “The Humiliation Factor, the return of the Diet Bet and a Color Dash

  1. You and cake thrower are vicious! The humiliation factors would make me want to drop weight for sure! But think, if you get close to your goal, you bottom is going to look sexy even if your dress is tucked in to your spidey-underoos!

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