Birthday Check-in

Today is my birthday.* It has been a pretty darned good day. Usually on my birthday I look ahead to what I want to accomplish by the time I reach the next birthday. I know this year is going to bring many changes, so it is difficult to say for certain at this juncture what exactly it is I want things to be like for me next year. Instead I decided to look back to my 15 for ’15 resolutions list and see how I’m doing. I have my doubts, since I haven’t thought about it since…well…mid-January??

1. Win the Daily Step Challenge (Most days): Score one for me! At least I can start the list off on a good note. I did, in fact, win the daily step challenge more than my competitors. Woo!

2. Blog more: The original post set a goal for at least once a week, which is still one I would like to obtain. I have definitely not been on top of this, but I can do better.

3. Share the blog: I did this immediately, posting the link through my Facebook. I haven’t done any of the other sharing things people do, like creating a Facebook page for the blog, nor do I have a twitter. What I’m saying is I accomplished the original idea behind the sharing, but I could probably take it further if I were more consistently blogging.

4. Limit Facebook time to none-ish: This continues to be a work in progress. For a while there I deleted the app from my phone, which severely cut down my Facebook time. I believe I spend less time on the site then I used to, excepting today because that red bubble that tells me I have notifications drives me crazy. When I deleted that app I deleted a couple of other time sucking apps. Although Facebook is back, those others are gone and I think I do spend less time staring at my phone than I did previously.

5. Look at the bucket list I made when I was 21 and do some of the things: I have to find this list first. I know I have it somewhere, I just have no idea where that somewhere is. There is one thing I know was on the list that I really want to do, and I think I’m going to get to work on it ASAP. I need to find that freakin’ list.

6. Work on my non-confrontational nature: This I have epically failed at in one situation. In another, which was honestly more frightening for me, I recently handled. So far everything seems okay. If I’m grading I give myself a 50%, which is still a failing grade, but luckily there is still time to bring the grade up before the end of 2015. I even know some things that are likely going to need to be dealt with this year, so I certainly have the opportunity for at least a B.

7. Put myself/my goals first: I am improving on this one. Again, not perfection, but I’m getting there. Sometimes my goals can be at cross-purposes, so that can make it tough to navigate.

8. Phone curfew: I kind of forgot about this one, oops. I break this a lot, but not in the same way I did before. I used to look at my phone after 10 to check Facebook, emails, buzzfeed, news, reading apps, etc. Now if my phone is out after 10pm it means I am talking on it, and usually the person I am talking to reminds me that it’s past my bedtime and then I go full-on six year old: “BUT I AM NOT TIRED YET.” Because I’d rather get 5 hours of sleep then appear like some lame-o that needs to be asleep by 10? Yeah, I’m a crazy person.

9. Write down a couple lines about what happened with my day: I have completely abandoned this one, but I want to bring it back. The always amazing Souzapalooza recently wrote about her experience with a “One Line A Day” Memory book, which thanks to Amazon Prime, I will have one of my very own on Tuesday. I think this may help me, especially since I was trying to just keep this information in a plain old moleskin notebook before. Thanks Souzapalooza!!!

10. Complete what I can in the “Store of my Life” book: I have not started this. I will put it on the to-do list.

11. Practice my banjo, learn 2 new songs that people know: Nope.

12. Refine and build my friendships: There has been some refinement. I have made some efforts to see some friends that I do not spend enough time with. This is one of those ones that I think will always be on the list, because I don’t think refining and building friendships ever stops.

13. Read more books/magazines, less internet: I am definitely reading more books. My one magazine subscription is still a bit neglected.

14. Get my assignments done at least a week early: I think the “at least a week” is a bit lofty. I have been getting my assignments done early for the most part, barring one mid-term project. It is less stressful. I still manage to procrastinate, but as long as it’s done in more than enough time, who cares?

15. Live more fearlessly: There are some things I’m thinking about doing that would fall into this category. Maybe once I have my “One line a day” journal thing I can think of fearless things I have done easier than trying to come up with something in the dwindling moments before bedtime.

Overall for four months into the new year I think I’ll give myself a “Not too Shabby.” I might have to set some mid-year goals, just because.

*Or because of time-zone settings I can’t figure out how to undo yesterday was my birthday, but whatever.


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