15 Resolutions for 2015 (or, better: 15 for ’15)

I decided to try out the 15 for ’15 resolutions. Hopefully this will go better than the 13 for ’13, but I think I went fairly easy on myself.

  1. Win the Daily Step Challenge (Most days): There has been some smack-talk that this will not happen, but I am fairly determined to be the winner and take my friends’ dollars.
  2. Blog more, at least once a week. I enjoy blogging. Sure, it’s a silly little hobby, but who cares?
  3. Share the blog. I used to have a different blog that I shared with friends and family. Then I started caring about one potential reader getting information I did not want them to have about me and I abandoned the blog. I started this one because I missed blogging but shared that information with no one. It’s foolish to abandon something I enjoy doing because of potential complications (see #6 for another thing to work on). I should not let a potential complication ruin something that I enjoy. If the complication actually arises, it isn’t something that I cannot handle anyway.
  4. Limit Facebook time to none-ish. I am still figuring this one out, honestly. The rules of this resolution are under construction. The part I want to change about Facebook time is the checking 1st thing in the morning, last thing at night, and the time I spend both of those times scrolling through my feed. I’ve been thinking maybe “no Facebook until I get x amount of steps in for the day or have spent x amount of time at the gym” or limiting the time on the site. Work in progress, but less Facebook is the goal.
  5. Look at bucket list i made when i was 21 and do some of the things. I have not looked at that list in a while. In fact, when I went to look for the list last night in preparation it was not stuck within the pages of my old journal, where I had thought it to be left. Luckily, I remember a couple of items I can definitely work on. Hopefully I find it soon so I can work on some of the easier ones. Or cross off some of the ones I no longer want to accomplish.
  6. Work on my non-confrontational nature. I avoid conflict. When faced with potential conflicts I have had panic attacks. Most of the time I can feel it coming on and I can breathe through it, but if I know there is some situation arising that could trigger the panic I do whatever it takes to end the conversation/meeting/whatever or flee. Unfortunately, life is full of conflicts. This problem has done me all harm and no good. The bottom line is I end up never being able to self-advocate (prime example: asking for a raise is a torturous nightmare). I need to get better at handling confrontations. Part of that is to stop avoiding, even if that means letting myself experience that panic attack feeling until I can push through and handle the problem. Practice makes perfect. ick.
  7. Put myself/my goals first. This kind of piggy back’s on the last. I have some pretty lofty goals for the next few months. One of the reasons they are lofty is because they are things I’ve been wanting to do since taking time off to go to school and I haven’t yet done them. I am really good at procrastinating. The excuse I use most often is “I can’t do _____ I have to go to the office and do ______ they have called me and need me right now.” In reality I can: a) do both, doing the thing I need to get done for me 1st followed by the thing that probably does not need to be done immediately or b) say no. This should be easy because the one job I am doing at this point is for someone who would punch me in the throat if I were to sacrifice my own goals to do stuff for her. But, work isn’t the only procrastinating tool, just the best one. The bottom line of this one may end up being letting people know exactly what my goals are. Attention anyone reading this: I am very, very dedicated to resolution #1.
  8. Phone curfew. This is something I used to do that I would like to do again. At 10 pm I used to put my phone away for the night. After 10 there was no more looking at the glowing screen and I think I was better off. I got out of the habit for a while, but I think getting back into it won’t be problematic. Especially with resolution #4.
  9. Write down a couple lines about what happened with my day. This one comes from a cruise I took back in 2009. Every night at dinner I would jot down a couple of interesting things from the day. Places I’d seen, interesting or funny incidents that had happened in the day. I did that so that I could go back later and maybe write some essays about my travels, which I still haven’t gotten around to writing. It was fun to sit at the table and come up with what was going to go into the book that day. But why be limited just to traveling? Sure, not every day will be a winner, but there should be something noteworthy. If not I need to spice things up.
  10. Complete what I can in the “Story of my Life” book. For Christmas Cakethrower got me a book called “Story of my Life.” It is a journal, but has all sorts of places to fill in things like “My 20’s” My 30’s” etc. As well as basic information and whatnot. Sure, it’s a little bit on the silly side, but I like silly. This is right up my alley.
  11. Practice my banjo, learn 2 new songs that people know. I like learning a new instrument. It was easy when I had lessons scheduled with an instructor. I would like to make time to practice more/again. I would also like to learn a couple of songs that people know. Maybe I can go camping, bring out the banjo by the campfire…have a little sing-a-long. Okay, yes, really my dream is to secretly bring my banjo camping and in the middle of the night just start plucking out “Dueling Banjos” to see who wakes up screaming. I am evil.
  12. Refine and build my friendships. There are friends that I have that I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time, because sometimes life gets in the way and I forget to take time out to not let that happen. Recently I went to see a friend because I do some work for him. I hadn’t seen him since last year when I went to do some work for him. Work should not be the only reason I see or talk to one of my best friends. On the other hand, I have a friend or two that I have grown out of that are still around. Honestly, and to be more confrontational, it’s not so much that I have grown apart but that I have grown into someone who no longer wants to spend my time with “friends” who say horrible things to me under the guise of honesty. I would rather spend my time with friends who are able to be honest while still being kind.
  13. Read more books/magazines…less internet. I have a stack of books I would like to read, and a good stack of magazines too. Instead I read internet news, Buzzfeed, the Onion, or watch funny YouTube videos. I bought the books and subscribed to the magazines. I am interested in the contents. The news isn’t a horrible thing to keep up with, but it’s not like I’m only reading articles about missing planes and the situation in the Middle East. The phone curfew should help with this problem. As will the less Facebook thing. Basically I need to break up with the internet. It’s been fun internet, but I have changed. I will miss the good times we had, and will never forget you, but I have some things I need to do right now. I hope we can still be friends.
  14. Get my assignments done at least a week early. I’ve mentioned before my procrastinator tendencies. If I’m not working furiously at the last minute then I’m not working on whatever needs doing. Last semester I managed to get things done early, and it felt great. I would like to continue that tradition for this coming semester. This seems a little more specific than “Stop Procrastinating,” which is something I would love to achieve. At least if I set my own due date a week before the actual due date I can still procrastinate until my deadline, and be done early. I love tricking myself.
  15. Live more fearlessly. I think some people would argue with me, but I do not consider myself brave. There’s a chance a lot of people would argue with me…Anyway, my intention with this one is to keep it broad. Living more fearlessly means trying new things, stepping out of my comfort zone. It also hearkens back to several of the other resolutions above. I like it when they are related, it means if I do one I automatically succeed at least a little bit at another.

2015 is a complete mystery to me. I have no idea where it is going to take me, and I am loving that. I know it is going to be a year of changes, and I hope this list helps me to make the best of all of those changes.


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